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All the different things that I have made available for download from my website made by me. Enjoy.

jQuery Plugins

FlowUp – A plugin that makes content flow up as you scroll down. It’s a subtle effect similar to the one seen  on the Google+ app.

Block Scroll – A plugin that turns a set of elements into screens that are nicely scrollable one at a time.

dgCarousel – Simple flat carousel.


Bare Bones – A RWD Framework written in LESS. Repsonsive from mobile to 1280px+!

DGs CSV2XML – Simple program that converts flat CSV to XML files (no schema).

Wireframes KIT – A wireframe kit for AI. Great for making low-fidelity website wire-frames.

CSV2XML – DG´s CSV2XML is a very simple utility that converts CSV files into XML lists. It uses the table headers (the first row) to generate the elements of the XML List.

Powershell Mirror Directories Script – Check out this post.


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